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The attorneys at Curran & Curran Law provide more than 30 years of combined experience in personal injury, employment and civil litigation matters. Based in Encinitas, attorneys Michael Curran and Susan Curran provide personalized service to California individuals and businesses. Clients collaborate directly with the attorneys — not associates or paralegals — when resolving a legal matter.

Litigation and Trial Lawyers Representing Clients Throughout Greater San Diego

The attorneys at Curran & Curran Law have developed a reputation within the San Diego legal community for thorough preparation and achieving results.  The firm is selective about the employment, injury or civil cases they represent, and will only accept cases that they believe will result in a positive outcome for the client seeking legal counsel. Each client receives thorough, personalized and responsive representation throughout the duration of their case.

The law firm receives and considers many referrals from other law firms. The lawyers at Curran & Curran have developed a reputation for being firm negotiators and aggressive trial attorneys, and when it’s in the best interest of a client, mediation or alternative dispute resolution options are considered. The employment and injury cases the law firm manages for its clients include:

Employment retaliation

Wage and hour violations


Employment law for employees

• Business litigation

Accidents and Injuries

• Bicycle Accidents and Wrongful Death

Aviation Law

Like any professional relationship, communication is vital to reaching successful outcomes. Curran & Curran Law provides responsive, proactive and clear communication from the beginning of a case until its end.

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Schedule an initial consultation with seasoned and proven litigation and trial attorneys serving San Diego and Southern California by calling the firm’s Encinitas office at 760-634-1229, or fill out the online contact form. All calls and messages will be returned as soon as possible.